About Us

Denys Capabianco Sociedade de Advogados, founded in 2006, is specialized in business law, and is dedicated to the following areas of practice: Civil, Family, Labor, Environmental, Criminal, Tax, Corporate, and Administrative Law.

The founder - Denys Capabianco - has over 20 years of experience and has always focused his career in business law.

Born in a family of entrepreneurs, he has dedicated himself to create new tools to promote business, especially aiming his ideas for the best financial results with reduction of taxes and legal expenses.

Office structure

The law firm is headed by Denys Capabianco, senior partner and managing lawyer, who has the support of more professionals, all with great experience, specialized in different areas, which provides great safety and convenience to clients.

Quality Policy

To serve clients in the field of business law, applying legal mechanisms with efficiency and agility, investing in technical and organizational efficiency and ensuring them quick and objective information, always aiming at improving the services provided.


Before the presentation of our values, it is important to emphasize that our management model offers a great differential: we respond to the client's legal needs in a personalized way. This is possible by creating a direct service channel between the client and the lawyer in charge of the case, who has administrative and procedural data of each case.

With this management model, created from the office values, the client knows exactly who is in charge of the case and which strategies have been used so far.

It makes it easier to keep in touch with the professional and to get the information needed.


To provide service to our clients in all areas of Law, applying legal mechanisms efficiently and always maintaining the high level of internal organization; along with fast and objective information provided by the high technology we use.


To meet the client's needs with efficiency, ethic and creativity, with internal satisfaction of professionals and respecting the universal laws.

Core values

Ethic: it's the duty and main fundament of the firm.

Knowledge: To keep learning is the safest way to offer the best service.

Organization: it's the key to success.

Team: No one reaches the goal without a good team.

To provide good service with all the technical capacity available.

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